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Watering consistently is the best. Even just watering when needed is OK if you pay attention to the weather. Make sure the saying "to little to late" doesn't apply to you.


Water heavily two to three days a week. Water your lawn in the AM HOURS (12A.M. TO 12P.M.), 60 minutes or more per zone. 1 to 1-1/2 inches a week is needed during periods of no rain. Do not wait until the lawn looks like it needs water. Do not water in the evening (specifically 3-9 p.m.). This will help promote fungus by extending the time the lawn

Watering a lawn

stays damp. If you don't have time in the morning, then you can pick up a timer that attaches to your garden hose. If you have to; watering after dark is better than not at all.

Why ?

Watering lightly in shorter intervals weakens the grass because the roots do not search out water, enabling the grass to better deal with extreme periods of weather. Watering after your lawn looks like it needs it will take much more water and effort to get it back to normal, because it has already been damaged. Your lawn, just like all organisms, is doing a balancing act. It has to resist diseases and insects that are attacking constantly. By watering in the evening, you extend the time your lawn sits damp. This gives disease pathogens (fungus) already in your lawn an ideal environment. Also, watering is what activates and circulates the weed control. Without it, you will not get good weed control and the lawn will be stressed.

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