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Adds Beneficial Humus and Organic Material
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Naturally Decompose Thatch and Helps Maintain a Healthy Level
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Supports Healthy Micro and Macro - Organism Development
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Produces Nutrients for Plants in Proper Composition
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Attacks Fungus Organisms and Generates Beneficial Fungi
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Adds Aerobic Microbes and is Biologically Active
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Superior Color Wear and Drought Tolerance
Better Products
A More Environmentally-Friendly Way to Care for Your Lawn


The condition of the soil under your grass is more important to the overall health of your lawn than any other variable. Care for your soil, and your lawn will be inherently healthy. It has been proven time and again that organics suppress fungus and stimulate healthy micro-organisms. This makes for reduced maintenance, thatch, and fungus, better overall looks, and greater drought tolerance.


Unfortunately, most lawns do not have a high amount of organic material, due to modern building and property management practices. Usually, fertile top soil, which in nature is thick and full of microbes, is scooped up and left in piles. This unnatural mound sterilizes most of the best part of your top soil, before you even have a house or a lawn. When it's all said and done, you are lucky to have anything more than sterile compact dirt. Over time you may have put down plenty of synthetic fertilizer, but have you enhanced your microbial life by adding humus and organic materials?


Healthy Soil = A Beautiful lawn
A more significant change can be made by accelerating microbial life (the life blood of rich soil), with this special organic fertilizer getting your soil much closer to the optimum organic state. Yes, it is a little more expensive than a regular treatment, but well worth it. If you have a lawn that is not quite where you want it; or you want the edge; or maybe you just want to start treating with a more environmentally-friendly method, just let us know and we can show you the extra value organics can add.

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