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Nourish Your Trees and Shrubs and Protect Them From Insects and Disease.

Your lawn and landscape are a large investment. A big part of that investment is keeping your trees and shrubs full of life for years to come. Just like all things in nature, your trees and shrubs have a constant struggle fending off insects and disease, and trying to find sufficient nutrients.

Trees and shrubs need regular nourishment to keep them growing strong roots, bodies and foliage. With insects and disease constantly attacking them, it takes regular care from state-licensed arboriculture professionals to identify and keep these pests under control. Our tree specialists use proven products and procedures correctly on a regularly-scheduled basis, making recommendations on services that best suit you and your trees and shrubs.


Tree Care - The Way It Should Be

To provide environmentally and culturally sound treatments, preventative programs for pest and disease problems, and to meet the nutrient requirements of landscape trees and ornamentals.

Our goal is to service our customers not only with top quality products and services, but also to provide them with the appropriate information to help achieve the results we both desire. Your landscape is of great value, and protecting your investment with preventative maintenance, before problems arise, is of our utmost concern. Should something new or unexpected happen, we are here to identify, diagnose and treat the problems in the most beneficial way possible.

Our Specialists are State Licensed, and college educated in the areas of landscape ornamentals and horticulture. We continue to learn more and search out the best practices in the industry to bring you the most up to date information available.

We will inventory and evaluate your landscape plant material, and make recommendations based on specific plant needs.

At Aaron's we go beyond the standard and offer Arboriculture Specialists delivering expert treatments and services keeping your trees and shrubs looking the way they should be for years to come.

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Full Maintenance Program Steps



Increases Property Value

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Standard Program Steps
Our Standard Full Program includes free service calls all season long. In nature, it is impossible to completely eliminate all insects and disease. Our treatments keep most problems under control as long as your trees and shrubs are treated in a consistent program.

Round 1____________________________________________Horticultural Dormant Oil

Foliar spray controls Scale and other insects before they can get started. We apply a Superior Horticultural Oil that is 98% pure, environmentally safe petroleum. Applied shortly after bud break in the spring, this is a good start for an effective insect control program by coating developing leaves with a microfilm. Recommended for Evergreens, Euonymus, and Magnolia.

Round 2__________________________________________Spring Deep Root Fertilizer


Balanced, Slow-Realease Fertilizer with Micro-Nutrients, Chelated Iron, Vitamins, Hormones, and Mycorrhizae (beneficial fungi) is injected into the root zone. Spring Fertilization is for a strong start to the growing season, thicker foliage, and better color. New and stressed plantings and Oaks benefit the most from Mycorrhizae. Recommended for the entire landscape.

Round 3_______________________Insect / Disease Management 1

Foliar spray to manage many insect and disease problems on Crabapple, Hawthorne, Linden, Birch and many others. Applied at bud break.

Round 4_______________________Insect / Disease Management 2

Same as above. Applied approximately 4-5 weeks after first application. This treatment is also especially important for management of Japanese Beetles.

Click here to view the Japanese Beetle Guide

Round 5_______________________Insect / Disease Management 3

Same as above. Applied approximately 4-5 weeks after second application. This treatment is also especially important for management of Japanese Beetles.

Click here to view the Japanese Beetle Guide

Insect and Disease

Round 6_____________________________________________Fall Deep Root Fertilizer

Balance, Slow-Release Fertilizer with Micro-Nutrients, Chelated Iron, Vitamins, Hormones, and Mycorrhizae (beneficial fungi) is injected into the root zone. Fall Fertilization is designed to stimulate root development and root zone nutrient storage. Also aids transition into dormancy, and preparation for regeneration next season. Recommended for the entire landscape.

Round 7___________________________________________________Anti-Transpirant

Winter Damage

Foliar spray seals your trees and shrubs from drying out in frozen and winter conditions. Transpiration (water loss) occurs year round for evergreens, even when new water for the roots is frozen underground. Evergreens should be watered all the way through fall until the ground freezes. The Anti-Transpirant helps reduce the rate of evaporation with a wax emulsion that dissolves in the spring. This will also help reduce transplant shock and increase survivability. Recommended for all Evergreens, especially Broadleaf Evergreens (Holly, Rhododendron, etc.), Japanese Maple, and other marginally hardy plants.

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Year at a Glance

Year at a Glance


Tree Injections
Environmentally friendly with minimal invasion, treatment goes directly into xylem flow. Ideal for large shade trees.


Emerald Ash Borer

Bronze Birch Borer

Management of EMERALD ASH BORER, Bronze Birch Borer, Japanese Beetle, Leaf Miners, Tent Caterpillars, Gypsy Moth Larvae, Mites, and more.


If you have an ASH or Birch tree on your property, you need to review this information! Your trees can become infected unless preventative steps are taken.

Brich Borer Damage

Infestations can be difficult to detect until canopy dieback begins. Many trees appear to lose about 30 to 50 percent of canopy in one year, and the tree is often killed after 2 to 3 years of infestation. Larvae feed in the phloem and outer sapwood, producing trails that eventually girdle and kill branches and entire trees. Once this happens, control is much more difficult.

We can help - Prevention is the key, so action must be taken before it's too late! We offer treatments which can control Emerald Ash Borer and Bronze Birch Borer. This application is highly effective, keeping your trees safe.

Click Here - To read more information about controlling the Emerald Ash Borer.


Management of Apple Scab, Anthrcnose, Dutch Elm Disease, Oak Wilt, Fire Blight, Ash Yellow, Cedar Apple Rust and more.


Management of Chlorosis (yellowing of the leaf), Nutrient Deficiencies, and Tree Stress. Amending nutrients including Iron, Manganese, Phosphorus, and / or Potassium. Especially helpful for Oaks, trees in stress, and to help repair damaged trees.

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Fruit Tree Insect / Disease Management Program

(Crop Safe)

Fruit Safe
Our Fruit Tree Program has the same benefits as regular Insect / Disease Management Applications, except this foliar spray is labeled for produce consumption. Fruit trees are highly susceptible to many problems. We can treat the problems and you can still eat the fruit. Four applications per season are recommended.


Tree and Shrub Specialty Service
Maple Leaf

Specialty Pest Control for Smaller Plants and Beds

Smaller plants have faster metabolic rates than larger trees and shrubs. In addition to our standard Tree and Shrub Program's Insect / Disease Treatments, we can add 1-2 intermediate treatments between rounds for insect and disease problems.

We can also apply a granular broad spectrum insecticide to your beds to protect your flowers and plants with better benefit than repeated spraying. This requires one application per season, and the plant will draw the application up from the soil over time instead of a foliar application that gets used up quicker. These are great options for roses that are getting eaten up by Japanese Beetles.

We also offer a three step Bed Weed Control Program. We cannot eliminate all weeds at all times, but we can reduce hand pulling with ongoing maintenance. We apply a pre-emergent to prevent further weed development, and a post-emergent to control weeds that are already present.

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